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E-mark Solutions

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E-mark Solutions

Our e-mail application is available online and provides for all preconditions necessary for successful e-mail marketing. Every mailing that is sent out using our system is tested extensively for deliverability, HTML, spelling and links. This, however, does not mean that E-mark is only about user-friendly software. The real work happens at the back end. Our programmers constantly keep themselves up-to-date on the latest spam rules and legislation. We also maintain strong ties with all e-mail providers like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo to ensure that your mail always arrives.

As an E-mark customer, you will receive extensive guidance and help with your e-mail marketing. Before we ask our designers to craft your newsletter, we discuss your wishes, goals and expectations in detail. We won't be satisfied unless the template we make for you is exactly in accordance with your wishes.

Our Support department is always prepared to help you, should any additional questions arise while you are assembling a mailing. Support staff will make themselves available for you and assist in answering your questions or solving your issues.

Last Update: February 1, 2011

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